From Immovable Object to Unstoppable Force

Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes you just don’t have the will. The will power to start that new book, to start that new podcast, to start doing your homework, to leave the couch and pick up the remote. Sometimes it is just hard to start moving. 

It is clearly stated in Newton’s first law of motion that an object will continue moving at its current velocity until some object causes its to speed or direction to change. So, understandably, sometimes it’s not easy to gather the force to propel ourselves forward, moving in the right direction. It is exactly at those key moments we should and must counteract the forces keeping us immovable. Those forces and the ones we need to start moving have the same source: our mind. Albeit being the power plant of great possibilities, our mind can also act as a brake to our hopes, wishes and aspirations. The good news: We are in control. So, we might even start moving with the little things now: cleaning the dish we just used, leaving the couch to get the remote, doing our homework when we get home, start writing now. Because if not now, then when? Procrastination his one of the main causes of failure. We often think that we can do it later, but that later seldom comes. 

But, like all important tasks, we should start small and scale big. Start by doing those little things that won’t take long now rather than later, and gradually you will find yourself doing more and more demanding jobs. Start, little by little, picking up speed, pointing it in the right direction, and soon enough you will find yourself transmuting from an immovable object to an unstoppable force. A force capable of achieving any goal, no matter how far or how near. 

Be brave, be the brave generation you are, rise, start moving, and you will be an unstoppable force capable of achievements you don’t even dream of.


André Ferreira

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