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Terry´s Blog

As a parent of two teenagers, I’ve often questioned: did we do our best as parents? What is the best? What is the way these days in a world of high technology and social buzz? Who really knows the impact that these years will have on our children’s future?

One thing I am sure about is that the human factor will be something that everyone needs to develop to have the best opportunity for success in their careers.

To be true to your values is also an essential thing in such a volatile world. The values that are true to my heart, just because they make total sense, is regarding the way we care for each other. The holding the door open, the help carrying something if a person needs help… These small things have become so noticeable because they are diminishing every moment. But if we set out to care for others and allow others to care for us, perhaps our future will be a happy place to thrive. And it is all up to us.

Parents worry about all stages of their children’s life that for sure, the crazy thing is it’s within our instinct. But young people amaze me on how surprising they can be when adults stop suffocating them and start to give them space, they often work it out much faster these days.

My sixteen-year-old baby girl is about to leave the house and live in a shared accommodation in the UK. I feel confident that she will find her way and has the streetwise traits to make it happen.

Imagine at sixteen having the chance to live independently.

Parents, you are doing your best. Be good to yourself and the rest will follow.


Terry Hammil

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