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Read, think and discuss to better performance

As I am currently on an around the world trip, it has allowed me to read books that were on my reading list for a while. One such book is ¨The Everything Store¨ (Amazon Jeff Bezos story).

The prologue starts with the author telling us about his first meeting with Jeff Bezos at the age of 12. He never forgot this encounter or this young boy which he has continued to follow. During this first meeting, the author remembers how an already competitive young Bezos tells him that he is currently reading J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. 

He also mentions that one of Bezos favourite lessons was called productive thinking. Here his class were given brief stories to read quietly, then think about what they had read and then have a group discussion. This was one of Bezos favourite classes and something he in somehow still continues to do. Today he asks his staff to write 6-page stories on what they intend to do or on their business ideas which then allows him and colleagues to read, do some critical thinking and then discuss together. This approach must be working as Jeff Bezos is currently the world’s richest man and Amazon is well Amazon …

I have often heard of great leaders who read, think and discuss and there are many such leaders including among them Nelson Mandela one of my inspirational leaders who was an expert in such skills. With age, I have come to believe in this approach myself. I have seen how we should listen more than we speak and that we should read more than we lecture. 

For this reason, I ask our young future leaders to read, think and discuss going forward if we wish to resolve the challenges of this world. Listening is such an underrated skill that normally we miss the good leaders as they speak or tweet so little. 

Read, think and discuss you will be amazed at the results. Try it !!!

Tim Vieira

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  • Geraldo Afonso Porto Pedrosa
    Posted at 13:13h, 13 September Reply

    I completely agre with you. I trás do much and nowadays I’m triunfo to learn how to listen each day more. Congrats for your objective and clean article.

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