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What are we teaching kids nowadays?

I have been reading Yuval Noah Harari’s books lately and I have to admit that his predictions for the future are not really motivating me to continue on this life path. Until now, all my education has been based on learning theories so that I am ready to implement it in practice. Well, we reach a certain age and we still don’t understand how these theories can be put in practice, assuming that we still remember them.  I have been thinking on what can we do to change this and we have to understand that nothing that we can teach to our kids at this moment is going to be very useful for them in the future. 

In 21 lessons for the 21st-century book, Yuval writes “ When you are big, you might not have a profession”. This is based on the constant change that we will be faced with. What does the job market look like in 2050? If I take a medicine course, will I be a doctor for all my life? Will Artificial Intelligence be better than me in diseases diagnosis, which is actually what I will do most of the time? Probably yes.

What if I want to be a lawyer? Well, most of your work will be trying to find possible risks within a contract. However, a test has been made comparing Artificial Intelligence with 20 human lawyers. The best lawyer had 94% performing rate and the shortest time is taken to analyze it through was 51 minutes to find all the possible risks. AI also had 94% performing rate, but it took 26 seconds in analyzing everything, which means that AI is much better than the best lawyer tested.

Many people are assuming that the creative process in jobs is going to be a human job, so maybe I should be a musician or an artist. Well, be careful with that overconfidence, most of the current music hits are already processed by algorithms that know what people want. The information music producers have in terms of what the consumer does while listening to music in Spotify is enormous – the amount of time he listens to the music, when does it changes for the next one, if he listens to it again or not. With that information, algorithms are more than capable of creating the best music hits and that has been proven many times with experts not being able to identify if the music has been written by a human or a machine.

If you are still not thinking that our education system is completely wrong, try to understand that a kid between 10-18 years old is probably going to live until 2100 and if we don’t know what is going to happen in 2050, we don’t even imagine 2100. To educate someone on this basis, we have to think again and again. 

We have started Brave Generation for some months now, and the topics covered within our previous sessions were all mostly focused in soft skills – Overcoming fears, Understanding who are we and what is our personality, being able to deal with the ups and downs inherent in life etc. – and I believe that we are aiming to teach them the only thing that we are sure it will happen until 2100 – Constant change. 

To be ready for constant change in employment, climate change, politics, economy, justice, freedom, war and many more, flexibility to change it’s the main skill that we should have. 

We hope that the kids in Brave Generation are able to understand the future as it is with open thinking and not totally exclusive to what the XX century schools try to explain them. Therefore, by challenging them in many ways, by asking them questions that can not be answered yet and by creating a different environment for their gained knowledge, we give them the tools for forwarding and flexible thinking so that they can create our world in an even better way.


Tiago Andrade

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