Bravegeneration Entrepreneurs KIDS Club | Life after the classroom: How entrepreneurship prepares students to face the real world
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Life after the classroom: How entrepreneurship prepares students to face the real world

Entrepreneurs are some of the world’s most powerful transformers. They see possibilities and solutions where the average person only sees problems and difficulties. And it´s important for parents to understand that the opportunity to learn the entrepreneurial mindset goes far beyond the creation of a new business. After all, the main goal of entrepreneurship is to find opportunities by solving problems that already exist in the world. And in the end, its all about adding value to the environment that you’re already in.

The entrepreneurial mindset treats life´s obstacles as challenges to be overcome. The inherent need to seek problems, find solutions and innovate is part of a way to perceive life that truly has the potential of changing the world. By looking for the answer to the problems that surround your own environment, you impact the world around you. And It’s all about taking the first step to innovate, discover and create. It’s about being persistent, resilient and positive. Always looking for the answer to one question: “What problem do I want to solve?”. 

Furthermore, as part of the entrepreneurial mindset, soft skills are also crucial for children development, both inside and outside the classroom. Team-work, leadership, communication, resilience and critical thinking are just a few of the many interpersonal qualities that can be developed during life and that have an essential role in shaping an individual’s personality. So when you teach entrepreneurship to a child, you present them essential and life-transforming skills that can help them to achieve whatever dream they want to accomplish. 

 But the most important thing: entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. Its all about the mindset, the courage and the way to perceive challenges. And its never too soon to start learning it. 

Marcela Nacif

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