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The Bravegeneration Entrepreneur’s Club for KIDS is a safe space for kids age 11-16 to speak freely, discover what moves them, connect, and take positive action to build their own individual success.

Or a young entreprenuer who wants to create their own new business model. We will engage, support and guide their ideas to make it happen.


Clubs in venues all over the world.


We work in cooperation with local business owners and motivated connectors to prepare kids for personal and professional success in a rapidly changing world. When you see an idea flourish from the work you do, your heart melts with joy. One of our recent students launched two new companies and is now starting a third. Whatever our Brave Kids need we will do our best to connect them with the people who have already done it.

“How do you keep kids focused? Let them be the ones talking.”



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Some things you may consider:


1. Add the information from the Parent responsible for the communication with our team.
2. You can use the same form to register multiple kids – the only thing you need to do is to identify all of them in the “Childs full name / age / school / 3 top interests” form fill.
            Joana / 14 / “School Name” / Music, Football and Politics
            João / 13 / “School Name” / Books, Rugby and Music
3. Acceptance of kids that only talk Portuguese are based if we can/can’t allocate them in Portuguese Only Groups.
4. We will create a Brave Generation Wall in our Website with pictures from our Kidprenuers, please let us know in the “Website profile” form fill if you allow us to add your kids to our Wall of Fame.
5. After you finish filling in the Form, you will be forwarded to the payment page, only after finishing the payment your kid is enrolled in our program.
6. If you are enrolling more than one kid, just change the number in the Box “Quantity” by the time of the payment.




Saturdays, twice a month, from 10h00 to 12h00.

Where? Tim’s Garage, Av. 25 de Abril 901 CV, 2750-642 Cascais



Any kid from 11 to 16.



At any time – as soon as you finish the application procedure your kid is ready to go and can participate in the next Session. You will receive the next steps via email.



We will create groups of 5 kids based on their profile; From time to time those groups will be reorganized to make them to feel comfortable with change, taking them out of their comfort zone.

Every group will be guided by one of our Connectors; a brave self-motivated young student or entrepreneur aspiring.

During the sessions, we will have also a group of Mentors running around the Groups; they are successful entrepreneurs ready to share their life experience with the kids and the connectors, aiming to inspire them in a positive way.

Our main objective is to guide the kids to engage on subjects that relate to the entrepreneurial mindset, working also on their entrepreneurial skills.



There is an infinite list of subjects and activities we plan to expose the kids to, but here are some examples:

Self discipline; Balance; Focus; Time management; Good manner; Meeting people; Greeting people; Asking questions; Being grateful, Thankful, Helpful; Living in order; Researching; Finance; Politics; Personality types; Creative thinking; Decision making; Team work; Mentoring; Entrepreneurship mindset; Failing; Winning gracefully; Sharing; Playing; Healthy eating; Sleep patterns; Embrace technology; Travel; Preparing; Networking; Team creation; Being kind; Respecting others; Self care; Meditation; Breathing; Fitness; Nutrition; Risk taking; Fear management; Stress management; Visualisation; Quiet reading; Preparing great questions; Confidence in speaking; Confidence in sales; Confident in relationships; Understanding others; Global cultures; Poverty; Visioning; What is success; Dreaming; Brainstorming.

“Strengths + Weaknesses + BraveGeneration = Practical Tools for Lifelong Success”

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