Your child will brighten the future


Let’s find out how


How will your child better the world? Maybe the answer is already clear. Or maybe it’s hiding behind so-called “limitations.”

The Bravegeneration Entrepreneurs Club for KIDS


is an out of school program that champions your child’s uniqueness, strengths, and fantastic contradictions.


Free the courageous genius within your child.

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Kids Biz

About us


Our Values


We respect each human being as an individual with different needs and aspirations recurring to new educational models, teaching in a pleasant way that will affect long term happiness. Abilities can be developed through effort, dedication, and mentorship. Failing is healthy; with setbacks, we grow.


There is no limit when it comes to learning.

A message from the Founders

Tim Vieira


In a world where we are being taught to fit in and be the same, I believe we need to allow our youngsters to be creative and different as this will be the only way we end up better than Robots. We need to allow the human spirit to flourish by doing human things.

Michelle Correia


The generation of tomorrow needs to be ready and excited about changes and new challenges. The world is shrinking, and it is impossible to keep up with the speed of change. In a time where technology makes us tend to turn into ourselves, youngsters need a good reminder that is through the effort of many that we go further. Now and always, the most valuable connection is with others, not with the internet!


Terry Hamill


A natural networker, Terry Hamill brings his passion working with thousands of young people in schools, colleges and universities to life with his unique blend of entrepreneurship and fun.


Working with young people makes you look at the world through new eyes. Our global movement will produce some of the best talent. There has never been a better time to inspire and guide our children.

“The future isn’t waiting, so let’s get your child to the front of the Line. After all, fortune favors the brave.”

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