Terms of service


The Bravegeneration KIDS CLUB is an ongoing membership.


The payment will be debited every two weeks using our payment CRM system ZOHO. For those who require an invoice please contact team@brave-generation.com


You can cancel the membership at any time and your child will be dropped from our groups.


The fee goes towards administration and promotion of the clubs, venue hire and refreshments.


Anytime your child works with a mentor the mentor will feedback how the session went and any specific events that happened.


Your child will never be alone with a mentor as we meet in groups together with a minimum of two supporting.


The session hosts will make sure your child has the best experience possible, but we also need to have their commitment, if at any time we feel your child is in need of discipline we will contact you directly.


As you can imagine as a parent it is sometimes best that your child is not close to you. But this is optional. Parents who are not sponsors or super connectors are asked to drop off only and leave the child for 90 minutes.


We will not be upset if your child decides to leave the program. We do however encourage you to make the effort to bring them as part of their understanding of commitment.


We will push and stretch the thinking of young people to be ready for the world. Some of the topics we raise will spark curiosity. We will at all times help and mentor the KIDS to do the work, they need you to listen not judge, support them through this change. We are filling the gaps and teaching them how to become the next best version of themselves.


We cannot be held resposible for anything the connectors or mentors say or do. It is critical that we recruit the best people. If we have any concerns or complaints about any of our team we will take a full 360 degree review to take postive action.


MODUS ASENTIV is the holding name of the company, this is a Portuguese company and if at any point you need a fiscal invoice let our team know?


Any questions please call Michelle on 00351 913 623 730 or email team@brave-generation.com


Thank you for being part of our  venture – it’s going to be fun.


This list is just the start of some of the areas we will be sharing with the kids, please feel free to add to this list?

Self discipline
Time management
Good manners
Meeting people
Greeting people
Asking questions
Being grateful
Personality types
Creative thinking
Decision making
Team work
Entrepreneurship mindset
Winning gracefully
Healthy eating
Sleep patterns
Embrace technology
Team creation
Being kind
Respecting others
Self care
Risk taking
Fear management
Stress management
Quiet reading
Preparing great questions
Confidence in speaking
Confidence in sales
Confident in relationships
Understanding others
Global cultures
What is success

Any many more to come…


Thank you for allowing your child to be with us.

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